Top 10 Best School Subjects

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Science: The reason I love Science so much is because we learn so much! From mitochondria to the solar system to the anatomy and physiology of the human body, Science means the world to me.

Math: It is a great subject. Math is not only in everything but sometimes its really fun! In primary school 3 years ago we used to play lots of fun games in maths.

English: I've always liked English class. I've always done well. One trend that seems to be the case for all classes is that your teacher can make it or break it.

History: History is BEYOND Amazing! My favorite subject is WW2 and... well basically anything! How can you NOT love it? It can combine every single subject at once. 

Art: Art is pretty much the only class where you can do anything and just be creative. Anyone can do art, there is no better piece.

Music: Actually, even though MATH is the most important thing ever, Music is by far my number one subject.

Computers: Computers helps you to write essay and power point, and these will help you get good grades. you'll also figure out how to write fast and learn about computers. 

Drama: Drama is by far my favourite subject. I love being able to express myself and my emotions and just become whoever or whatever I want to be.

Physical Education: It kinda like rep gym, where go on bus and you think thank can't in a gym, like play pool, beach volleyball, ice skate, mini putt.

Reading: Yes, math, science, history, computers (etc.) are important for your health and education and can get you great jobs, but what about reading.

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