Top 10 Best Sydney Punk Bands

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The Saints: While originally from Brisbane, The Saints had a significant impact on Sydney's punk scene with their raw sound and DIY ethos, leaving an indelible mark on Australian punk.

The Chats: With their tongue-in-cheek lyrics and infectious punk rock tunes, The Chats have gained attention for their irreverent and energetic approach to punk music.

Radio Birdman: A pioneering band in Sydney's punk scene, Radio Birdman's high-energy music and rebellious attitude helped lay the foundation for Australian punk in the 1970s.

Frenzal Rhomb: Frenzal Rhomb's witty lyrics and fast-paced punk sound have made them a staple in the Sydney punk community, garnering a dedicated following both locally and internationally.

Tumbleweed: Blending punk with elements of grunge and psychedelia, Tumbleweed's unique sound captured the alternative spirit of the 1990s Sydney scene.

Royal Headache: Known for their garage punk sound and charismatic frontman, Royal Headache brought a raw and soulful edge to Sydney's contemporary punk landscape.

Bodyjar: With their melodic punk sound, Bodyjar gained popularity in the 1990s and continued to influence the Sydney punk scene with their energetic performances.

The Hard-Ons: Known for their eclectic sound that fuses punk, pop, and hardcore, The Hard-Ons have been a consistent force in the Sydney punk scene since the 1980s.

Hellions: Merging punk with post-hardcore elements, Hellions' emotionally charged music and socially conscious lyrics have resonated with a new generation of Sydney punk fans.

Bloods: Bloods' pop-infused punk sound and themes of empowerment and friendship have made them a notable presence in Sydney's modern punk revival.

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