Top 10 Best Things About School

Heading 1

Friends: Seeing Friends is what makes school awesome. School gives you an excuse to hang out and socialize with your friends.

Leaving It: I'm guessing that this coment is going to confus a lot of people but I understand it.

Last Day of School: This year was one of my favorites! I participated in a lot of fun activities and had many fieldtrips.

Recess Time: So like we have gym in middle school but not recess. Like what. Recess isn't dangerous! Gym is,I should have had a concussion by now.

Girl Students: There is a girl in my class I rlly like and have for the whole year and everyone knows I like her cut my friend let the secret out.

Gym: We don't have a gym room so we stay outside and sometimes inside and work on something else when its raining.

Lunch: Lunch is the best thing for me because my lunch time goes for half an hour and I hate doing work all the time but on the other hand I have to do it.

Funny People: There is also another student who makes up funny stories about Russian and Soviet wars and once he said the phrase "Deja vu" means the same thing as a battleship. 

Your Favourite Subjects: Math, science, chemistry, technology time. Oh yes! Technology time! I also love to do Powerpoint Presentations, etc. Yeah. 

Fridays: Fridays are awesome. The days are less stressful (work-wise), the days are shorter, the school lunches are better than normal.

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