Top 10 Best Web Browsers

Google Chrome: In fact, the best browser and the most used browser in the world. It's very impressive and deserves its top position.

Mozilla Firefox: Firefox should be number 1 on this list due to the fact that it's more secure than Google Chrome.

Apple Safari: Honest pure review and not bias, I have used the latest version of Safari. It has a nice looking design.

Opera: Fast, slick, and with features you won't find on other bigger browsers for a few years like built in its VPN and mouse gestures.

Maxthon:  It has way better features and speed compared to the other browsers (it may also vary on your system.

Internet Explorer: Nearly three quarters of the Internet has been optimized for this browser, and the simplistic interface is both intuitive and functional. 

Microsoft Edge: I have been using Microsoft Edge since it first came out in Widows and am very happy with it.

Netscape Browser: Netscape has been dead since 2008,What is netscape browser,This should be #1.

Brave: Doesn't track your searches. Doesn't use algorithms to influence your search. No censoring.

UC Browser: There are a lot of good web browsers on Android and I personally use Opera, Dolphin, Chrome the stock Android browser and UC Browser.

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