Top 10 Best Weeknd Songs

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Heading 3

Pretty’ (2013): One of the Weeknd’s cooler, earlier tricks is the goth level of melodrama with which he infused his work.

In the Night’ (2015): The first song co-written with pop magus Max Martin.

La Fama,’ Rosalía feat. the Weeknd (2022): Call him “El Fin de Semana.” The singer takes a complete turn from his typical R&B.

Crew Love,’ Drake feat. the Weeknd (2012): The remarkable opening of “Crew Love” is a true test for the Weeknd.

Kiss Land’ (2013): Perhaps the Weeknd was worried his major-label debut wouldn’t be perceived as authentically malevolent.

Prisoner,’ feat. Lana Del Rey (2015): This criminally underrated duet is a true relic of the fleeting 50 Shades of Grey-era of 2010s.

The Fall’ (2011): The foggy darkness of “The Fall” is a vintage remnant of the Weeknd’s bleakest.

Tears in the Rain’ (2013): The Weeknd’s R&B plot twist is that his falsetto croon.

Coming Down’ (2011): Emerging from the dusted carnage of “The Party & the Afterparty.

Moth to a Flame,’ Swedish House Mafia and the Weeknd (2022): Moth to a Flame” is a petty anthem, masking the bitterness with synth.

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