Top 10 Biggest Lakes in Idaho

Lake Coeur d’Alene:This natural body of water, located 30 miles east of Spokane, Washington.The 31,877-acre (129 km²) lake in Northern Idaho spans two counties and has 109 miles of shoreline.

Henrys Lake: located near the Montana/Wyoming border and Yellowstone National Park, is a hotspot for fishing, boating, and high-altitude activities. 

Lake Pend Oreille: is Idaho’s largest and deepest lake, covering 94,720 acres (383.3 km2) and reaching a maximum depth of over 1,100 feet. It is ringed by national forests, making it very scenic.

Bear Lake: is known as the “Caribbean of the Rockies” . The 69,758-acre (282.3 km²) natural freshwater lake split equally between Idaho and Utah is one of Idaho’s most visited lakes.

C J Strike Reservoir:is in south-western Idaho, along the Snake River. The 7,500-acre (30.35 km²) reservoir is a fantastic summer getaway because it is easily accessible and family-friendly. 

Lucky Peak Lake:is only 2,766.3 acres in size, yet it stretches across three counties, most of it in Ada County but also Boise and Elmore counties. 

Deadwood Reservoir: The 2,997-acre (12 km2) body on the Deadwood River is created by Deadwood Dam, sitting in the Boise National Forest about 25 miles (40 km) southeast of Cascade. 

Priest Lake:Aptly known as “Idaho’s Crown Jewel,” this 26,000-acre (105.2 km²) lake has two bodies of water: Upper and Lower Priest Lakes, with Lower Priest being the primary lake.

Lake Cascade:is a massive man-made reservoir 90 miles north of Boise famous for fishing camping, and boating on the water. It is the fourth-largest lake in Idaho, with a surface area of 27,152 acres.

Payette Lake:A glacier-carved lake near McCall in western Idaho, this 4,987-acre (20.18 km²) lake is a gorgeous escape two hours north of Boise. 

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