Top 10 Biggest Lakes Near Raleigh, North Carolina

Falls Lake:Drive along Creedmoor Road from Raleigh, and you can easily visit the 12,410-acre lake split over three counties. You can go swimming, boating, and fishing when you get here.

Jordan Lake:The natural gem of the Piedmont region, Jordan Lake, is located in the middle of North Carolina’s most populated area and offers a breath of fresh air. 

Bass Lake:Bass Lake Dam was devastated by Hurricane Fran in 1996, the lake was emptied, and the lake property was bought by the Town of Holly Springs for $230,000 two years later. 

Harris Lake:Buckhorn Creek was impounded to form Harris Lake, a 4,100-acre lake located next to Jordan Lake and just southwest of Raleigh.

Lake Crabtree:Lake Crabtree is located in Lake Crabtree County Park in Morrisville, a suburb west of the city. In fact, the Raleigh-Durham International Airport is only a short distance away. 

Lake Lynn:Lake Lynn’s 2.8-mile greenway trail, consisting of paved walkways and boardwalks that cross the water, is its main attraction.

Buckhorn Reservoir:A park shelter and a 1.5-mile horse track can be found close to Sullivan Road on the southeast beach, and the lake’s northeastern corner is where the boat ramp is located.

 Lake Wheeler:Lake Wheeler, one of the most well-known lakes in the area, was built in 1956 as a water source, and it still is today for the city and the communities of Wake County.

Lake Benson:Lake Benson has a surface area of 650 acres and is located south of Raleigh, but the only way to get to it is through Lake Benson Park, located on the lake’s northern side.

Lake Johnson: is the 150-acre Lake Johnson. It’s wonderful to spend a day outdoors and appreciate the lake and its beauty, and Lake Johnson is a tranquil natural area that is great for getting away from the bustle of the city.

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