Top 10 Biggest Sharks

Longfin Mako: This creature, with disproportionately long pectoral fins, can grow to about 14 feet long. Its long fins make it a less agile swimmer than its relative, the shortfin mako shark.

Bluntnose Sixgill: This shark, which is also found around the world in tropical and temperate seas, grows on average 15.8 feet long but has been known to grow as long as 20 feet. 

The thresher shark can grow to around 18.8 feet in length, and much of that length is taken up by its tail, which gives the animal its name and is used to stun its prey. 

The great hammerhead shark is the biggest of the hammerheads and is critically endangered. Found in tropical and temperate waters worldwide.

Great White: This huge carnivore, which typically grows to 20 feet in length and weighs two and a half tons, has a fearsome reputation.

Greenland shark: 24 foot long fish is one of the longest-lived creatures on Earth. Biologists believe it can live as long as 500 years. It doesn’t even start to reproduce until it’s 100-150 years old.

The tiger shark, which can grow to 24.6 feet long, gets its name for the stripes found on its body and probably not for its ferocity. Still, only the great white has killed more humans.

The three biggest sharks in the world are plankton feeders and completely harmless to human beings. The “smallest” of these sharks is the megamouth at 25 feet in length.

At nearly 50 feet long, the basking shark is the second-largest shark in the seas. It is found all over the world in temperate water and moves slowly, its mouth gaping to take in plankton.

The whale shark is not only the biggest at about 55.7 feet in length, but it is the biggest fish in the world. It is considered a carpet shark because of the beautiful pattern on its hide.

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