Top 10 Biggest Trophy Fish in Wyoming

Rainbow Trout:The next two trout records are close in size with one being 23 pounds and the other 25 pounds 13 ounces. A rainbow trout was pulled from Burnt Lake back in 1969 by Frank Favazzo.

Carp: Both records in Wyoming are pretty similar, just a few pounds apart. The biggest common carp was 34 pounds 15 ounces reeled in by Bobby Brown of Harrison.

Flathead Catfish: are typically some of the biggest fish caught in freshwater. Channel catfish, flatheads and blue cats are all found in the United States. 

Channel Catfish:are usually the smallest of the three main catfish, but in this case a good sized channel cat beat out the flathead. A 28.52-pound catfish was caught by Christian Cosby in the Flaming

Brown Trout:ever caught in Wyoming was a 25 pound 13 ounce trout caught in the Anvil Draw in the Flaming Gorge Reservoir. George Rose of Albuquerque, NM, was the lucky angler on May 27, 1982.

Freshwater Drum:Another 22-pound record breaker was just a tad heavier than the flathead. This freshwater drum weighing 22.58 pounds was also 34 inches long.

 Grass Carp:The biggest grass carp caught in Wyoming was a 35.6-pound carp caught in Sloans Lake. Surprisingly, Sloans Lake is in Cheyenne, just north of the downtown area. 

Lake trout:There is actually a tie for the biggest fish with two lake trout weighing in at 50 pounds. The first one was caught in 1983 by Doris Budge. Budge was fishing on Jackson Lake .

Tiger Muskie:are similar to the common muskie but have dark tiger-like stripes. The biggest tiger muskie ever caught in Wyoming was caught in the Grayrocks Reservoir in Platte County.

Northern Pike:Hockett caught a 27 pound 4 ounce pike in the Keyhole Reservoir (same lake as the record breaking freshwater drum above). The pike was just an inch shy of 4 feet at 47 inches long.