Top 10 Birds In Wisconsin

American Goldfinch: is a small yellow bird native to North America that benefits from human activity. They live in residential areas, eating from bird feeders, which increases their survival rate. 

Great-Horned Owl: is a large owl native to the Americas, where it is widely distributed and highly adaptable. This species is a mottled brown with heavy dark markings and some light horizontal .

Black-Capped Chickadee: is a small, nonmigratory passerine bird native to the deciduous and mixed forests of North America. They get their name from the slick black patch of feathers on their heads. 

Indigo Bunting: are small colorful birds from the cardinal family. They breed throughout most of the United State’s eastern half and winter in Mexico and Central America. 

House Finch:is a small passerine but a relatively moderately-sized finch. Their backs and tails are brown, fading into grey wings. Their heads, necks, and shoulders are reddish.

Snowy Owl: is another large species from the true owl family. They are native to North America’s Arctic regions and typically breed on the tundra. 

White-Breasted Nuthatch: is a medium-sized nuthatch, and the coloration depends on its range. They typically have light bluish-grey upper parts and white undersides with a rusty red tinge.

Red-Tailed Hawk: are one of the most common hawks throughout North and South America. Its appearance varies between subspecies and regions, but most are dark brown above with horizontal streaks.

Magnolia Warbler:These small New world warblers breed in Canada, the midwestern and northeastern United States, and winter in Mexico and Central America. 

Osprey:are large raptors, also known as sea hawks, with a global range. These stately birds have brown backs and wings and greyish-white undersides and heads. 

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