Top 10 Birds That Can Talk

Cockatoo:is represented by some 44 species, all of them adept at vocal mimicry to some degree. They are identifiable by their fairly large size, their prominent crests, and their curved bills.

Hill Myna: much less known about their amazing ability to mimic human speech. A member of the starling family, this group of black-colored songbirds is native to southern Asia.

Budgerigar: is swathed in yellow, blue, green, and white feathers with black markings along the back, nape, and wings. Judging by sheer verbal competency, this bird that can talk probably ranks right

African Grey: as it’s formally called, is widely regarded as one of the best-talking birds in the entire world. With their very sweet and pleasant voices, they can amass a vocabulary of more.

Quaker Parrot:Also known as the monk parakeet, this small bright green bird with a grayish breast is native to Argentina and the surrounding countries of South America. While not the most capable.

Eclectus Parrot:A native of Australia and New Guinea, this species features one of the most interesting and radical cases of sexual dimorphism in the entire bird world. The males have bright green.

Ravens :can mimic many sounds, including human speech. They put this ability to good use by pretending to be other species. Zookeeper Gerald Durrell once saw a magpie amuse itself by continuously.

Rose-ringed Parakeet:Also known as the ring-necked parakeet, these medium-sized birds, identifiable by the light green plumage, orange beak, and rose ring around the neck, are very common throughout.

Macaw:This large group of colorful, garish, and beautiful New World parrots includes 19 different macaw species. They are often identified by their huge hooked beaks, exceptionally long tail feathers

Amazon Parrot:Found throughout most of South and Central America, the Amazon parrot is a group of birds, comprised of 30 distinct species, all of them swathed in green or red feathers. 

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