Top 10 Birds with Craziest “Hair”

Polish Chicken: is a domestic chicken breed. Despite its name, the origins of the breed remain unclear. While named after Poland, the breed was standardized in the Netherlands .

Golden Pheasant : is the first entry in our list of birds with the craziest hair. it’s easy to see why. Also known as the rainbow or Chinese pheasant, this bird with a mohawk rocks one color hairdo. 

Crested Duck: is a domestic duck breed and another one of the birds with the craziest hair in the Anatidae family. Originally hailing from Southeast Asia, the Crested duck became a standard breed .

Hoatzin: is the only extant member of the family Opisthocomidae. In Greek, this family name translates to “long hair behind,” which refers to their unique hairdo.

Demoiselle Crane: may be the world’s smallest crane, but it’s also one of the birds with the craziest hair. Demoiselle cranes range throughout Central Asia as well as parts of North Africa.

Eurasian Hoopoe:few have a greater claim than the Eurasian hoopoe. You can find these birds with mohawks in open grasslands throughout Europe, Asia, and North Africa.

Mandarin Duck:Along with the closely related wood duck, the mandarin duck is the only other member of the genus Aix. These colorful waterfowl range throughout East Asia including Russia, Korea.

Victoria Crowned Pigeon: a member of the pigeon and dove family Columbidae. Named after Queen Victoria of England, these striking birds live only in the swampy forests of New Guinea.

Andean Cock-of-the-Rock: is the next entry on our birds with the craziest hair list. It ranges throughout the Andean cloud forests of South America and is the national bird of Peru.

Himalayan Monal: is a type of pheasant in the family Phasianidae. The term monal originates from India, whereas it is also known as the danphe or danfe in Nepal.

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