Top 10 Birds With Long Tails

Alexandra’s Parrot: is longer still. Native to Australia, it’s also a pretty bird with plumage of pink, blue, and green. As with so many other birds, the male’s tail is longer.

Fork-tailed Flycatcher:Found mostly in Mexico and south through Argentina, this bird is known for its exceptionally long tail, which is forked and as much as three times as long as the bird’s body.

Common Pheasant:This bird originated in Asia and the Balkans but can now be found in the northern part of the United States, the southern part of Canada, and much of Europe. 

Streamertail:The males of these little birds have exceptionally long rectrices. These are feathers that emerge from the rear edge of the tail, with the central feathers attached to the actual tailbon

White-tailed Tropicbird: It is the central feathers in the tail that are very long, which gives the bird an elegant silhouette as it flies. The tropicbird hovers over the water and snaps up squid.

 White-bellied Go-Away Bird:Found in East Africa this turaco gets its name from its call which sounds like “G’wa” It’s a large perching bird, about 20 inches long, and a member of the Crinifer genus.

Greater Racket-tailed Drongo: is famous for two elongated outer feathers that sprout from a forked tail. They are made of “wires” that end in twisted, twirling rackets. 

Great Argus Pheasant:The male can be 79 inches long and weigh 6 pounds, and much of that length is made up of its tail. However, the Argus’ long tail isn’t what’s spectacular about it. 

White-throated Magpie-jay:This eye-catching bird is found in northwestern Mexico. It’s not only blessed with an exceptionally long tail but a forward-leaning crest and vividly colored plumage. 

Superb Lyrebird:The long tail of this Australian bird gives it its name. The tail is shaped like a lyre. This is one of the largest songbirds, and a male can be over three feet long .

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