Top 10 Types of Wild Dogs

African Wild Dog:is the most efficient hunter of any big predator, with an 80% or higher success rate. Differing from the more common genus Canis, it has highly specialized teeth for a hyper.

Arctic Fox:is incredibly adorable and delicate-looking. However, it is tough enough to survive some of the coldest temperatures. Thick, fluffy fur, a fluffy, big tail, and a rounded body provide.

Grey Wolf: is the wolf’s type species and has over 30 subspecies. It is native to North America and Eurasia. The largest canine species of the family Canidae is known for pack cooperation for hunting

Bush Dog:A small Central and South American wild canine species, the bush dog is related to the Maned Wolf and the African Wild Dog. It is also the only living species of the genus Speothos.

Coyote: is a native North American canine species. It is smaller than its relative the wolf, eastern wolf, and red wolf, and larger than the golden jackal. 

Maned Wolf: is actually not a wolf despite its name, and it is not a fox despite its coloring, making it unique. It is the only species of the genus Chrysocyon, which means “golden dog.

Jackal: either one of three subspecies: the golden or common jackal of Asia and south-central Europe, plus the black-backed or silver-backed jackal and the side-striped jackal of sub-Saharan Africa.

Red Fox: is the largest of the true foxes, of which there are 12 species, while the Bengal fox and fennec fox are small. Like other fox species, it lives in underground dens.

Dingo: was introduced to the country by seafarers about 4,500 years ago. Although its scientific name is Canis lupus dingo, its taxonomic classification differs depending on the classification.

Red Wolf: is a close relative of the eastern wolf. Physically, it is a cross between the grey wolf and the coyote, and there is no consensus on its taxonomic classification. 

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