Top 10 Carrion Birds That Eat Dead Animals

Bald Eagles:The bald eagle became a famous symbol of the United States, perhaps because it is one of only two eagle species in all of North America. 

Buzzards And Hawks: buzzards and vultures are actually different species. It is a bit confusing because there are actually several bird species called buzzards that are in different families and genera. 

Snowy Sheathbill:These white birds can get dirty after feeding on carrion. However, that doesn’t stop them! The snowy sheathbill is a smallish bird about 16 inches long. 

Gulls:There are more than 50 species of gulls. Most gull species are well known for their loud squawking sounds and characteristic look with a white or grey body with black markings on the head or wings.

Marabou Stork:They eat carrion by following vultures around because vultures can more easily tear apart meat. Then they feed on the scraps.

Crows And Ravens:Crows are black birds in the genus corvus. Ravens are certain larger crow species in the same genus. For some reasons crows, and especially ravens have a reputation for being creepy or associated with death. 

Crested Caracara:The crested caracara is the only remaining member of a genus of birds called caracara. There used to be another species, the Guadalupe caracara, that is now extinct. 

Skua:Skuas are another genus of sea-faring birds. There are 7 species in total. They are often dark in color with lighter markings in white or grey. 

Terns:Terns are in the same taxonomic family as gulls, laridae. Most species of terns are smallish birds with grey backs, white stomachs, and black heads, although some species do have slightly different coloring.

Vultures:The phrase “the vultures are circling” has become synonymous with something or someone’s imminent demise or simply a bad omen. 

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