Top 10 Most Badass Female Movie Characters

Top 10 Celebrities Famous for their Sports Activities

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Sheryl Crow: In high school, Sheryl Crow collected medals for her competitions in track.

Justin Bieber: Justin Bieber rose to stardom because of his incredible vocals and good looks.

Hugh Grant: Hugh Grant isn’t just a regular audience at Wimbledon, but he plays tennis too.

Tommy Lee Jones: Did you know that great actor Tommy Lee Jones belonged to one of the most prominent and extraordinary Ivy League schools.

Jane Lynch: Star of the TV series Glee, Jane Lynch’s height made her eligible to play for the high school basketball team.

Jason Statham: Statham has been known to play hardcore and violent characters in most of his movies.

Terry Crews: Funny actor Terry Crews’ bulky physique isn’t just a product of intense bodybuilding but because he’s been a full-fledged football player since high school and college.

Tina Fey: Funny comedian and witty host Tina Fey was active in high school and was busy with the drama club, the school newspaper, and tennis.

Kanye West: Who would’ve thought that rapper, entrepreneur, and fashion designer Kanye West should also have skateboarder under his name.

Miley Cyrus: Photos of popstar Miley Cyrus skateboarding in the streets of Los Angeles frequently trended on social media.

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