Top 10 Christmas Gifts for 2018

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Nintendo Switch:  PS4 might have God of War and Xbox might have... actually nothing anymore, but Nintendo Switch has Mario, Zelda, Pokemon.

Bose Headphones: Noise cancelling at its finest... Bose headphones will keep their music in, and the noise out. Get yourself a pair while you're at it.

Red Dead Redemption 2: The only problem we have with the game right now is the awful economy in Red Dead Online Beta but I heard that they're balancing it out.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Overrated. Not enough newcomers. Where the hell is Issac and Shadow,This game is going to be so good.

Amazon Gift Card: Yes it's boring and impersonal... But it's also exactly what they want - to buy their own stuff and not have to fake excitement over the socks you would have picked out.

Fitbit Ionic: Fitbit, Garmin, Apple (if you can afford it) or some of the many others on the market are a sure bet for anyone looking to track their well being. 

Google Chromebook: All the features of the more expensive tablet/laptops out there but none of the financial hit,That's what I got for Christmas but I got my gifts on December.

Leather Journal: Seems like people are always wanting to start journaling for the new year... It probably won't stick but might as well give it a chance with a nice leather journal.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy: Spyro Reignited Trilogy is a platform video game developed by Toys for Bob and published by Activision.

Google Pixel: The Google Pixel 3 in pink color and 64GB of storage is an Android 9 with optimized software. It has one of the best cameras on the market. Fast and wireless charging.

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