Top 10 Classic Punk Rock Bands of All Time

The Ramones - pioneers of punk rock and one of the most influential bands of all time

The Clash - known for their politically charged lyrics and blending of punk rock with other genres

Sex Pistols - controversial and rebellious, they helped define the punk rock movement

The Damned - one of the first punk rock bands to emerge in the UK

Dead Kennedys - known for their satirical lyrics and social commentary

Black Flag - pioneers of hardcore punk and known for their intense live shows

The Misfits - known for their horror-themed lyrics and iconic skull logo

Bad Brains - known for their fusion of punk rock and reggae

The Stooges - led by Iggy Pop, they were one of the first bands to combine punk rock with garage rock

Buzzcocks - known for their catchy melodies and punk rock anthems

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