Top 10 Clubs of California

The Black Horse:The Black Horse London Pub is 19ft long and 7ft wide. 19ft long. And 7ft wide. It's officially the smallest bar in San Francisco -- the fire code says the capacity is 22.

barrel:Be honest: you didn't expect to see a bar located on the edge of Paso Robles and in the heart of wine country on this list, did you? Well, we didn't expect  cousins behind this garage-born.

Interval:The bartender geek of all bartender geeks, Jennifer Colliau is the person that other bartenders call when they want to make sure they’re getting a recipe right, or understand the history.

Hamilton’s :roud possessor of San Diego’s oldest license to sell wine and beer, Hamilton’s has been slinging suds in one form or another for 75 years, but most recent incarnation is a seamless.

Anderson:First, you’ll take a tour of the brewery, during which you’ll learn a little Boontling . Then, you’ll go to the Tap House, where you’ll taste a bunch of amazing beers.

good times:Imagine the swinging-est party your parents went to before you were born: it was the ‘70s, there was shag carpeting, there were beautiful people, there was a band playing Eagles.

Aero Club:Opened in 1947 by a pilot (of course), the first thing you’ll notice about Aero Club is its iconic, plane-shaped neon sign beckoning you to come inside.  dim lighting, cozy booths.

Jumbo’s:Long notorious as the strip club where Courtney Love got her start, these days Jumbo’s is strictly nudity-verboten -- and that’s for the best. The grimy location, the strong pours.

Alpine:You could do much, much worse than to hit up this legendary haunt, which began as a roadhouse in the 1800s, and still looks like Val Kilmer dressed as Doc Holliday is going to walk.

Marlin:LA’s got its share of grizzled-seaman dives, but none as legit as The Marlin, which  perched just off the main drag on Catalina Island in doing the things that grizzled-seaman bars do best.

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