Top 10 Coolest Snakes In The World

In the sea: Sea Snakes Sea snakes or coral reef snakes are a subfamily of venomous snakes that include 62 species.

The fastest: Black Mamba The Black Mamba is the fastest land snake in the world, able to reach 12 miles per hour (20 kph) and more! The Black Mamba is endemic to sub-Saharan Africa.

In the air: Flying Snakes Flying snakes or Chrysopelea are a mildly venomous genus of snakes. 

The best camouflage: Gaboon Viper This category is also debatable, but if you wish to debate the Gaboon viper, you have to find it first.

The most colorful: Texas Coral Snake This one is debatable as there are so many colorful snakes, but the Texas coral snake has a good claim for the title.

The longest Reticulated Python: The Reticulated Python is the world’s longest snake and longest reptile. Found in Southeast Asia, the adults can grow to 6.95 meters (22.8 ft) in length.

The most venomous: Inland Taipan The Inland taipan, or western taipan is the most venomous snake in the world. 

The heaviest:  Green Anaconda The heaviest snake in the world can weigh from 30 to 70 kg (66 to 150 lb) in an average adult.

The most amazing defensive posture: The Cobra There are over 20 species of cobras. The cobras may no be the largest, fastest or the most venomous snakes.

The loudest: Rattlesnake While most snakes settle in making hissing noises, the 32 known species of rattlesnakes take it a step further with a loud.

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