Top 10 Creepiest Animals 

Coconut Crab:As if a bird-eating spider wasn’t scary enough, meet the crab capable of doing the same. They’ve been known to feast on rats, domesticated chickens, and even kittens. 

Goblin Shark: is the sole known member of a taxonomic family that dates back 125 million years ago, and you can count yourself grateful that they live in the ocean at depths of over 2,000 feet. 

Aye Aye:is easily the most unusual looking lemur in the world — but while some people find these primates to fall into the category of animals that are so ugly that they’re cute.

Arthropleura:Their shape would be familiar to anyone who’s encountered a millipede, but it’s their size that really makes them such apparently scary animals. The Arthropleura was capable .

Flying Snakes:posed such an existential threat to early humans that we had to develop an evolutionary aversion to them, so you can blame that if the very thought of a flying snake gives you a rush .

Shoebill Stork:pose no threat at all to humans and have been known to let researchers get mere feet away from them comfortably, but the bizarre shoe-shaped beak attached.

Sea Squirt:actually disembowel themselves, an act that turns off most predators thanks to a natural aversion to pursuing already dead prey. 

Blobfish:Found in depths of 2,000 to 4,000 feet off the coast of Australia, the blobfish has developed a body with no underlying skeleton and a jelly-like musculature .

Goliath Bird-Eating Tarantula:The long-dead megarachne was a spider capable of reaching a length of nearly two feet – but if you remove spiders that are extinct from the equation, the biggest .

Tailed Shrew: can be found throughout North America‘s northeast regions, and the venom their mouths produce allows them to paralyze animals significantly larger than themselves.

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