Top 10 Cutest Frogs 

Australian Green Tree Frog:has many common names, such as the White’s tree frog, the green tree frog, and, amusingly, the dumpy tree frog. 

Budgett’s Frog: likely falls squarely into “ugly cute” territory, but we can’t get enough of this goofy, absurdly wide-mouthed, beady-eyed amphibian. 

 Diane’s Bare-Hearted Glass Frog:in general are visually stunning thanks to their bright coloration and partially transparent skin, but they are also quite adorable.

 Desert Rain Frog:has enjoyed much viral fame in the past decade or so! This is mostly due to its adorable, chubby appearance and defensive screech that sounds more like a squeaky toy than a frog.

Cranwell’s Horned Frog:is much more widely known simply as the Pacman frog. This is mostly thanks to its large, wide mouth that makes up more than a third of its entire body.

Amazon Milk Frog: is as cute as it is colorful with its bluish-green and brown splotches, wide eyes with cross-shaped pupils, and large, squishy webbed toes. 

Black Rain Frog:appearance is both striking and amusing, mostly thanks to its constant frown, round, fat body, and extremely stubby legs. 

Tomato Frog:name comes from its bright red and orange coloration and round, fat body. These little guys seem to always look as if you’ve caught them by surprise.

Red-Eyed Tree Frog:Even though their bulging, red eyes can be a bit offputting for some, these frogs’ grinning faces and stunning coloration totally make up for it. 

Desert Spadefoot Toad :that we could’ve put on this list, but the desert spadefoot is perhaps the cutest! And before you ask–yes, all toads are technically frogs (but not necessarily vice versa). 

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