Top 10 Deep Sea Creatures

Pacific Footballfish:was discovered in 1985 by a  group of deep-sea fishermen. Since then, the creature was classified with other deep-sea creatures called anglerfish. 

Tardigrade:, also known as water bears or moss piglets, are nearly microscopic organisms that can live in ocean depths up to 15,000 meters below the surface.

Chimaera:At depths of around 4,200 feet in the ocean lives the Chimaera. These deep-sea creatures don’t have any bones in their body. Instead, their inner structures are made of soft.

Viperfish :This carnivorous sea creature is among the most dangerous predators in the deep sea. They have thin, elongated bodies and large, pointy teeth that help them capture prey in the darkness .

Frilled Shark:swims through the dark ocean with its mouth wide open. While this might make the animal look more terrifying, researchers think they do this to attract prey. 

Barreleye Fish: also known as the spook fish, is a deep-sea dweller with an astounding adaptation to see in near pitch-black waters. The entire top portion of their heads is completely transparent.

Fangtooth Fish:are among the deep-sea creatures with a mouthful of sharp, fang-like teeth. These terrifying creatures are carnivorous deep-sea creatures that live at depths of over 16,000 feet.

Giant Isopod: are deep-sea creatures that scavenge the ocean floor for prey. They are carnivorous animals that have a diet of squid, fish, crab, sea sponges, and more. 

Japanese Spider Crab :are creatures of opportunity. This means they will feed on almost any animal that comes their way. They are also omnivorous, which means they also eat plants. 

Sea Spider:have been found at depths up to 2,300 feet under the sea.These deep-sea creatures are present in all oceans across the globe and feed on slow-moving animals on the ocean floor such as sea.

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