Top 10 deserted and forgotten towns in south dakota

 Igloo:Igloo is a unique ghost town in South Dakota. It wasn’t a railroad town or a gold rush camp. Igloo was built during the Dust Bowl era for workers employed at the federal government’s army base and munitions storage. 

Owanka :Owanka was established in 1888 about 40 miles east of Rapid City. At its peak, 200 people lived there. However, Owanka did not have a good water supply. 

Mystic: is a forgotten town originally named Sitting Bull. Mystic was established in 1876 as a small, but bustling, mining village along Castle Creek.

Ardmore:Ardmore was a small agricultural town, just north of the Nebraska border. The town began as a stopping point for the new Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy Railroad. 

Castleton:Southwest of Mystic lies another abandoned mining town. Castleton had around 200 residents at its peak with a grocery store, hotel, saloon, and jewelry store. 

Capa:Capa even had a luxury hotel offering hot mineral baths with water brought from a local artesian well. However, during the Great Depression, few people visited the town. 

Etta:The mine stayed in operation until the late 1950s. However, once the mine closed, the town quickly became forgotten and abandoned. 

Rochford:Head about seven miles to the northwest from Mystic on a gravel road, and you will find yourself in the nearly abandoned town of Rochford.

Rockerville: It was conveniently located on the highway between Rapid City and Mount Rushmore. Tourists visiting Mount Rushmore took a rest from the road in Rockerville for the gift shops, dining, theater, and motels.

 Spokane:The town of Spokane is another reminder of the gold rush days. People came for the gold but found the Spokane Mine produced plenty of silver, lead, copper, zinc, and other minerals.

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