Top 10 different hairless animals

 Black Bears: When the three female spectacled bears at Leipzig Zoo in Germany began to lose their hair and show both lesions and rashes on their skin, zoologists and caretakers were at a loss.

African Elephant:The frequently brutal temperatures of the African grasslands are likely the primary reason why its elephants lost their hair. The huge surface area on their tremendous bodies makes .

Babirusa:Current research suggests that pigs — of which the wild babirusa is a member — might be the second closest terrestrial relatives to the dolphin after hippos.

Chinese Crested Dog:isn’t completely bald, but the tufts of hair on its feet, tail, and head only enhance the oddness of its otherwise naked body. Thanks to the recessive genetic trait that causes.

Egyptian Cat Bred:One of the most well-known hairless animals, the hairless Sphynx cat has a surprising resemblance to the felines that decorated the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs.

Hairless Rat:In terms of speciation, hairless rats are simply a variation of fancy rat that has a genetic mutation that causes the thymus gland from properly growing. 

Naked Mole Rat:The fact that it born without fur might not be the most unusual feature of the naked mole-rat. Found throughout Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya, these rodents are almost completely blind.

Dolphin:Hair first appeared in mammals about 300 million years ago — but 30 million years ago, the descendants of dolphins retreated into the water and lost the need for hair.

Skinny Pig:Created by scientists by breeding together haired and hairless species of Guinea pigs in 1978, the skinny pig has since become a popular pet in both Europe and North America.

Raccoons:When a strong, hairless six-pound creature was discovered in a Florida suburb, its appearance was so bizarre and unprecedented that some whispered that it might be the legendary Mexican .

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