Top 10 Different Types of Cattle

 Miniature Jersey:Miniature Jersey or mini-Jersey cattle are a small breed. They are known for their small stature. They only stand about 36 to 42 inches tall, and they only weigh between 500 and 800 pounds. 

Dexter Cattle:The Dexter cattle is another small breed with bulls that weigh between 600 and 1,000 pounds and stand about 40 inches. These are among the smallest cattle in the entire world. 

Zebu Cattle:They have a large hump on the shoulders, small horns, and a large dewlap that runs from their chin down to their legs. 

Beefalo Cattle:The Beefalo is a hybridization of a domestic bull and an American bison. The original reason for the development of this breed in the U.S. was to increase beef production.

Florida Cracker Cattle:The Florida Cracker cattle are an old, rare breed in the United States. These creatures are descendants of some of the first cattle that Spanish conquerors brought with them as they established themselves in the New World.

Highland Cattle:This breed originated in Scotland, so the creatures adapted to having long hair to handle the harsh weather. They’re adorable when they’re young. 

 Irish Moiled:The Irish moiled breed is one of the rarest breeds in the world today. They were primarily raised for milk, but they have become dual-purpose in recent years. 

Belted Galloway:The belted Galloway breed is a large cow that hails from Scotland. These cattle are easily recognized by the “belt” of long white hair that runs through the middle of the cow’s body.

White Park Cattle:This breed originated in Great Britain. This breed is known for having long bodies and white hair. White park cattle were once used for three different purposes: milk, meat, and working.

Texas Longhorn: This breed, as you might imagine, is known for its long horns that jut from the sides of the cattle’s head and then curve forward and upward.

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