Top 10 DIY Safety Tips

Avoid Chainsaw Kickback: If you've ever been serenaded on a sleepy Saturday by the sound of your neighbor's chainsaw.

Wear Quality Safety Glasses: You may not think a quick trip around the yard with the weed whacker or a little mold cleaner justifies the use of safety glasses.

Respect Ladders: Walking under a ladder can bring bad luck, but if you're not careful, they could do a lot more damage than that.

Wear a Dust Mask or Respirator: Just because you're covering your mouth and nose with a mask of some sort doesn't necessarily mean you have all the protection.

Be Careful Around Electricity: The electrical current in your home is powerful enough to kill you. There, we said it.

Leave Gas Repairs to the Pros: Even if you think you know what you're doing, gas is a tricky thing, so leave it alone.

Dress with Safety in Mind: These outfits may be overkill, but you still should take precaution with your style choices.

Be Wary of Heights: If you don't like heights, maybe your body is trying to tell you something.

Buy a Fire Extinguisher: You never know when you'll need a fire extinguisher, so be safe rather than sorry.

Do Your Homework: Research your DIY projects thoroughly. Read the labels on all project materials you buy, and pay particular attention to the safety directions.

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