top 10 dog parks in chicago

Skinner Bark Park:The 4-acre Skinner Bark Park’s official name is Park No. 569. It has beautiful paths for a nice walk with your dog/s and open spaces where you can play with your pet.

Logan Square Dog Park: is that it features designated areas for small and large dogs. So if you have a puppy and you don’t want it to play with huge dogs, Logan Square Dog Park.

Lakeshore East Dog Park:Your dog will indeed thank you for taking it to Lakeshore East Dog Park! It is small but very beautiful. It is located north of Millennium Park. 

Jackson Bark: is by far one of the most popular community dog parks in Chicago, and it is the largest enclosed dog park in the city.

Norwood Park Dog-Friendly Area:Located in Chicago’s Norwood Park, north of the service yard on Avondale Ave, the Dog-Friendly Area has 13 acres and will keep your furry friend busy.

Belmont Harbor Dog-Friendly Area:Yet another fantastic place for water lovers – both dogs and their owners! Even though it’s a small beach, your dog will love it here.

McKinley Dog Park:This relatively new dog park measures 27 acres and is surrounded by a fence where both small and large breeds can enjoy their time and expend their energy.

Montrose Dog Beach:We’re talking about the Montrose Dog Beach, located in the northwest area of Montrose Beach, near the Old Boat Launch. 

Portage Park Dog-Friendly Area: has now become one of the most popular dog parks in Chicago. The Portage Park Dog Park Committee manages the area, always keeps it clean.

Puptown Dog Park: is a place where your dog will enjoy its freedom like never before! It can run freely and play off-leash. The park measures about 38 acres and consists of asphalt and gravel. 

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