Top 10 Dogs With  Biggest Ears 

Beagle:was bred for hunting, which means they use their sense of smell often. The size of their ears comes in handy because they can also be used to trap scents around the animal’s nose.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi:is well-known for many of its features. For example, they have long, meaty bodies, a sturdy build, a nubby tail, and large, upright ears. 

 German Shepherd: are the big ears dogs that fit the bill. They are muscular, energetic, and easy to please. One of the things that makes them the most famous is their fiercely protective nature .

French Bulldog:aren’t known for constant barking, they are very alert. Consequently, they are a popular choice for people looking for watchdogs. 

Basset Hound: are big ears dogs that are known for their loyalty, calm demeanors, and patience. Originally bred to be hunting dogs for small animals like rabbits, Basset Hounds love to stay busy.

Papillon:The animal’s pointy, wing-shaped ears are responsible for this name. Most people associate papillons with erect ears, but not all of the breed’s members have perky ears.

Dachshund: is among the most versatile big ears dogs in the animal kingdom. Perhaps their most well-known trait is their energetic personality and eagerness to please. 

Bloodhound:are world-famous for their amazing skills in finding lost people and things. They have an extraordinarily amazing sense of smell and strong legs that allow them to follow scent for miles.

Cocker Spaniel: are one of the most adorable traits about them. They were bred to be gun and hunting dogs, but they also make amazing pets. 

Boston Terrier:are big ears dogs that love being a part of the family. They are highly trainable and easy to get along with, so it comes as no surprise that they’re well-loved in the pet community.

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