Top 10 Domestic Cats That Look Like Tigers

Serengeti Cat:Despite the attempt to mimic the African serval cat, the Serengeti cat has no serval genes. The Serengeti cat is an incredibly beautiful medium-sized breed featuring a spotted coat .

American Bobtail:The American Bobtail weighs from 7 to 16 pounds and has a lifespan of 13 to 15 years. In addition, they have wide faces, golden eyes, and dark tiger stripes. 

Bengal: is created by breeding the small Asian leopard cat with domestic shorthaired cats, such as the Egyptian Mau, the Abyssinian, the Ocicat, or the Bombay. 

Egyptian Mau:Another fully domesticated cat that looks like a cheetah is the Egyptian Mau. Since these cats have natural spots, no wonder they are compared to cheetahs! 

Pixie-bob Cat:The Pixie-bob cat was discovered in the 1980s by Carol Brewer, who later became the chief breeder. In its initial development, Brewer had purchased a short-tailed, spotted male kitten.

Savannah Cat:The Savannah cat is a hybrid breed developed by crossing an African serval with a domestic cat. This wild-looking feline is the largest of all domestic cat breeds.

Ocicat:Ocicats have stripe patterns focused around their head and legs, as with tigers. They are well suited to indoor living as long as they receive plenty of exercise and attention.

Toyger:The Toyger has a whitish-brown belly and the tiger’s body shape. This muscular cat has a long, supple body, large paws, and strong hind legs.

Cheetoh Cat: The breed is a mix between a Bengal cat, which carries the spotted pattern gene, and an Ocicat, which carries the tawny gene.

Highlander Cat:This large cat has a bobbed tail and tabby or solid point coloration that comes in different variations and patterns. Adult highlander cats can weigh up to 20 pounds.