TOP 10 Driest States in the U.S

California:is the tenth driest in the country, receiving only 22 inches of precipitation every year. The weather in the home state of Hollywood is moderate all year.

Colorado:the state often receives 15 to 20 inches of rain annually, which averages to about 17 inches, making the state a close running competition with North Dakota when it comes to rank.

South Dakota:North and South Dakota have the driest winters in the country. South Dakota is the driest state in the US, with an average rainfall of 19 inches.

Nevada:is the driest state in the US receiving about 10.2 inches of rain every year. According to data collected since 1938 Las Vegas receives slightly less than 4.2 inc of rain per year on average.

New Mexico: located in the southwest of the United States, features a wide range of climates. Large areas of high plains, deserts, and mountains run through the state.

 North Dakota:is among the driest states in the US, receiving 17 inches of rain each year. Precipitation humidity changes from moist east to semi-arid west.

Wyoming :nestled in the United States’ mountain area, is the country’s fourth driest state, receiving 12.68 inches of precipitation each year. 

Utah:The state’s climate is dry with little humidity, wherein annual precipitation averages 11 inches, fluctuating from less than 8 inches to 50 inches in various areas and elevations. 

Arizona:climate is not homogeneous and varies greatly within the state due to its enormous area and various elevation. The state gets only 12.6 inches of yearly rainfall and 0.9 inches.

Montana:With an annual rainfall of 15.2 inches, Montana is America’s sixth driest state. Because of its position and high temperatures, Montana is prone to droughts.

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