Top 10 Essential Prince Songs

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Purple Rain” (1984): In an interview with Mojo in 2013, Stevie Nicks revealed that Prince had originally given her a demo of “Purple Rain” and asked her to contribute.

1999” (1982): When Prince recorded 1999 – the album lead by this single – he would go all day.

I Wanna Be Your Lover” (1979): A “restrained, carefully crafted funk exercise” is how The Los Angeles Times described.

When Doves Cry” (1984): The heart of the Purple Rain soundtrack and the biggest hit of 1984.

When You Were Mine” (1980): According to legend, the greatest New Wave song ever written about a bisexual love triangle came to Prince at a Florida hotel room.

Controversy” (1981): The Moral Majority was on the rise in 1981, emboldened by the January inauguration of Ronald Reagan.

Delirious” (1983): Delirious,” Prince’s second Top 10 single is a loose, funky romp updated with new sounds – the Linn drum machine.

Erotic City” (1984): The “Let’s Go Crazy” B-side was not only one of Prince’s funkiest jams but also the world’s introduction to Sheila E. Carried.

Let’s Go Crazy” (1984): After “When Doves Cry” dominated pop radio throughout the late summer.

Little Red Corvette” (1983): The chorus of Prince’s first Top Ten hit suggests it’s a straightforward car song.

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