Top 10 Every Adele Song, Ranked

Heading 1

First Love”: With a first love comes first heartbreak.

Tired”: This jaunty little tune is nuzzled away in 19.

Million Years Ago”: “I miss it when life was a party to be thrown.

Now and Then”: This guitar-driven 19 cut is a sublime precursor to the type of broken.

He Won’t Go”: What begins as a song about heartbreak evolved into a story about two friends who became Adele’s lifeline.

Sweetest Devotion”: In theory “Sweetest Devotion,” a carefree lullaby dedicated to Adele’s son.

Can’t Let Go”: This 25 bonus track is maybe one of the saddest on the album.

Best for Last”: Adele dissects some mixed feelings for her ex on this 19 cut. 

Why Do You Love Me”: A plea for adoration, “Why Do You Love Me” didn’t quite make the cut for 25.

Remedy”: Ryan Tedder rejoined Adele early in the 25 sessions to write this piano-driven ode to her son, Angelo.

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