Top 10 Extinct Mammals

Quagga:The quagga was said to look like a mixture of a zebra and a horse. This is because the rear part of its body was all brown, and the front contained a variety of stripes.

Bali Tiger:The Bali Tiger lived on the Indonesian island of Bali before its extinction. This majestic subspecies of tiger measured about 7 feet long and weighed over 200 pounds.

Steller’s Sea Cow:Steller’s Sea Cows were larger than manatees, one of the largest members of the sea cow family. These incredible aquatic animals could grow up to lengths of 25 feet and weigh over 8,000 pounds.

Thylacine:The Thylacine, also known as the Tasmanian Tiger, wasn’t much of a tiger at all. This marsupial mammal was said to resemble more of a medium-sized dog than it did a tiger. 

 Pyrenean Ibex:The Pyrenean Ibex was a species of goat that became extinct in the 2000s. These extinct mammals could be found living throughout the Pyrenees Mountains in Spain, France, and mountains throughout Asia and Africa.

Thylacosmilus:These teeth could grow longer than 7 inches and were carefully crafted to cut through tissue, allowing them to inflict the greatest damage on their prey.

Woolly Mammoth:Woolly mammoths became extinct over 10,000 years ago due to climate change, but there are theories to suggest humans may also have been a part of the reason.

Camelops:A camelop is an extinct mammal of the subfamily of camels that roamed North America over 11,000 years ago. These incredibly large animals reached heights of 7 feet and weighed almost 2,000 pounds.

Eobasileus:the Eobasileus was a mammal species belonging to the order Dinocerata. This incredibly large beast was 13 feet long and weighed over 8,000 pounds. 

Irish elk:These gigantic mammals were 7 feet tall and had massive antlers atop their head that spanned 12 feet. Just the antlers on their own weighed 90 pounds!

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