Top 10 Friendly Snakes 

Ball Python: is the most popular pet snake. They are a larger constrictor snake that is tan with dark brown markings. Adult ball pythons can get to be 5 feet long. 

Garter snake:are a super friendly snake and recommended as a great pet because they are easy to handle. Although wild garter snakes may release a foul smell if handled.

California Kingsnake: can get to be 3-5 feet long but can live just fine in a 20-gallon tank. They are blackish-brown with off-white bands and big black eyes.

Corn snake:The friendliest snake in the world is the corn snake. They would be voted “best personality” in the yearbook of snakes. Corn snakes are very friendly and love to be handled.

Ringneck snake:Not big enough to hug, but as one of the smallest snakes on the list, it scores big points for cuteness. Ringneck snakes are tiny and only get to be about a foot to a foot-and-a-half.

Rosy Boa:Another friendly boa constrictor is the rosy boa. If a 6 to 9 foot snake sounds intimidating, then maybe a Rosy Boa is a better option. Rosy Boas are much smaller and only get to be 3 feet.

 Rough green snake:are small bright green snakes that look like they are always smiling! Their big black eyes give them a cartoonish look. They are a slender snake and average 10-20 inches. 

Pygmy Python:Another constrictor snake is pythons. A friendly little python is the pygmy python, the smallest python in the world. They are a docile snake that is from northwest Australia. 

Hognose Snake:uses its nose as a shovel, to dig through the dirt. Hognose snakes are a heavier-bodied snake that only gets to be 25-30 inches. They are blackish with dark brown markings.

Boa Constrictor:Since it is a non-venomous snake, most states allow people to own them as pets. Boa’s and pythons are actually a popular pet for snake owners. 

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