Top 10  Greatest Albums of All Time

Heading 1

The Ronettes, ‘Presenting the Fabulous Ronettes: More a Spanish Harlem street gang than a girl group, the Ronettes were pop goddesses dressed as Catholic schoolgirls gone to hell and back.

Suicide, ‘Suicide: These New York synth-punks evoke everything from the Velvet Underground to rockabilly.

Rufus, Chaka Khan, ‘Ask Rufus: Fronted by Chaka Khan, one of soul music’s most combustible singers, Rufus built its mid-Seventies sound on heavy-footed, guitar-slathered funk.

Bonnie Raitt, ‘Nick of Time: After being dumped by her previous label, blues rocker Bonnie Raitt exacted revenge with this multiplatinum Grammy-award winner.

Shakira, ‘Dónde Están los Ladrones: Long before she went blond and took her never-lying hips to the top of the American pop charts.

Various Artists, ‘The Indestructible Beat of Soweto: The greatest album ever to be marketed under the heading “world music,” this 1985 compilation of South African pop.

Harry Styles, ‘Fine Line: Harry Styles achieved pop greatness with One Direction, but he got even deeper on his own.

Boyz II Men, ‘II: With their innocent romanticism and meticulous vocal arrangements, Boyz II Men.

Marvin Gaye, ‘Here, My Dear: It’s one of the weirdest Motown records ever.

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