The 10 Greatest Red Hot Chili Peppers Songs

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Black Summer’ (2022): It took 16 years for the band’s first new song with Frusciante.

Dark Necessities’ (2016): In their own way, the Chili Peppers have never been strangers to brooding nights of the soul.

This Velvet Glove’ (1999): When the rhythm section crashes in on the chorus, it’s a respite from the verses’ plaintive melancholy.

Get on Top’ (1999): The Chilis have been fusing disparate sounds together since their earliest days.

Behind the Sun’ (1987): Slovak played sitar on “Behind the Sun,” giving the tune a psychedelic flare that worked well.

Fight Like a Brave’ (1987): A funky declaration of freedom, “Fight Like a Brave” is Kiedis’ call-to-arms for anyone struggling with addiction.

Sir Psycho Sexy’ (1991): Sir Psycho Sexy” stretches past the eight-minute mark, making it one of the longest songs in the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ catalog.

‘Slow Cheetah’ (2006): A meticulous tableau. Over hushed acoustic fingerpicking.

Sikamikanico’ (1992): Three-and-a-half minutes of pure thrash-funk, “Sikamikanico” was likely too red-hot for Blood Sugar Sex Magik.

Purple Stain’ (1999): Although Kiedis namechecks Frusciante again in the first verse of his word-jumble.

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