Top 10 Hairiest Animals 

Musk Ox:are native to northern Canada and Greenland and have been reintroduced to Alaska, Norway, Russia, and Sweden.  These unusual herbivores are more closely related to sheep and goats than oxen.

Luna Moth:are one of the hairiest animals and have almost 10 billion hairs on their bodies.  They are one of the largest moths found in North America, with an average wingspan of 4.5 inches.

Spotted Apatelodes: are extremely unusual as they are incredibly hairy in both the caterpillar and moth stage.  These fascinating insects are found across the US, Canada, and Mexico. 

Angora Rabbit:are one of the oldest types of domestic rabbit in the world. They are famed for their incredibly soft, downy fur which is known as Angora wool. 

Norwegian Forest Cat: are domestic cats that originated in Europe.  They are large cats with a bushy tail and long legs and have a friendly and intelligent nature. 

Silkie:have feathers not hair they still make the list due to their incredibly soft and fluffy plumage.  Also known as Chinese chickens, these small birds are so soft they are often described .

Afghan Hound:Originating in Afghanistan, Afghan hounds are best known for their extremely long, silky hair.  They have been bred for their thick coat so that they can survive in the cold mountain.

Komondor: are from Hungary and have been declared as one of the country’s national.  Komondors are large white dogs that have corded hair which is why they are also frequently referred to as “mops”. 

Highland Cattle:are some of the most impressive cattle around, and the hairiest.Well known for their majestic horns Highlands have been around for centuries and are one of the oldest recorded breeds.

Sea Otter:are known to have the thickest fur of any animal and have around 900 million hairs on their bodies.  They are one of the smallest marine mammals but are also the heaviest member.

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