Top 10 Happiest Dogs

I can’t tell which part of this German Shepherd is happier. His mouth or his ears!

I hope we can find a ball big enough for this Pit Bull Terrier to play with! What a smile.

This Labrador Retriever is happy to let you in on his secret!

Normally associated with firehouses, I think this Dalmatian would be happy to play with you anywhere!

This chihuahua looks like he’d be equally happy cuddling with you or taking a nap right about now.

Even dogs that are normally kept indoors need to roll around in the grass, like this ecstatic Alaskan Malamute here.

Speaking of taking a nap, this pug reminds us dogs need recharge time just like we do.

Just like humans, this Australian Shepherd shows you can smile with your mouth and your eyes at the same time.

This Pomeranian is more floof than actual dog, but that doesn’t make him any less happy! Me either.

this Golden Retriever puppy was definitely happy to eat that dandelion.

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