top 10 hawks in arkansas

Northern Harrier:are slender, medium-sized birds of prey with rounded tails and broad wings. They have striking owl-like faces. You can easily spot them gliding low over grasslands or marshes.

Red-tailed Hawk:are the most common in North America. So, even when traveling outside the state, you can be sure that you will spot one.

Northern Goshawk:The name “goshawks” refers to a combination of “goose hawks.” Northern goshawks are large birds of prey, similar to red-tailed hawks. 

Cooper’s Hawk: is a bird of prey with a small-medium size. Cooper’s hawks have wide-rounded wings and large shoulders. They are the size of crows with the appearance of sharp-shinned hawks. 

Rough-legged Hawk:was named so because of its feathered legs. It shares this feature only with the ferruginous hawk. Rough-legged hawks are medium to large, with broad but thin wings. 

Ferruginous Hawk:The bird’s name is derived from the Latin word “ferrum,” meaning iron. Ferrum describes the rusted iron color of its feathers. Their unique color pattern, large size, and feathered.

Red-shouldered Hawk:are common in suburban areas, wooden swamps, and deciduous forests. They derive their name from their red-colored wings.

Broad-winged Hawk:are small hawks with broad wings. They look like red-shouldered hawks but with brown coloration. They can only be found during the breeding season from April to August.

Swainson’s Hawk:These hawks have light-colored bellies but are usually darker in their chest areas, with colors that range from reddish-brown to grey. 

Sharp-shinned Hawk:are small long-tailed hawks with rounded wings and square-tipped tails.Typically they weigh less than a pound. They have tiny heads that are scarcely visible when fly in the sky.

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