Top 10 Incredible Atlantic Ocean Islands

Barbados Island: is very popular for its stunning beaches and jaw-dropping scenery. The continental island is located in the North Atlantic Ocean. Each year, hundreds of thousands of people flock .

Azores Islands: is an archipelago of nine volcanic islands. All nine islands have stunning landscapes, green pastures, and plants and vegetation. Its largest island, the São Miguel.

Canary Island: is perfect for animal lovers in general. It hosts a stunning array of wildlife such as Canary Island Atlantic canaries, Canary big-eared bats, laurel pigeons, endemic geckos.

Porto Santo Island:is just one of the many reasons why tourists visit.Another major reason is the beaches which many believe have healing properties. The waters and sands are rich in magnesium iodine

Faroe Islands: is that the sheep outnumber the people. There are 50,000 Faroe Island Residents and over 70,000 sheep! The salmon-loving country is home to friendly residents and lots of delicious.

Greenland: is the perfect destination for nature lovers. The island is home to all sorts of species of seals, birds, and marine life. Greenland is also the world’s largest island.

Iceland:was the last place on earth where humans discovered and settled, it is surprisingly one of the most eco-friendly countries on the entire earth. About 11% of the country is covered by glaciers

Fernando de Noronha: is an archipelago of 21 islands. However, only one of these islands is inhabited by people. The rest are home to reptiles, sea birds, and many other species.

Tristan da Cunha Island: is an active volcano island. It is home to tens of millions of seabirds such as penguins and albatrosses. The island also houses several species of seals, sharks, and whales.

Newfoundland Island: is home to the endangered Newfoundland Gray-cheeked Thrush, Tradescant’s Aster, and Sharpleaf Aster. Some of the island’s native species are the Northern long-eared bat.

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