Top 10 Incredible French Bulldog Facts

A French Bulldog Was On The Titanic:Yeah, you read that right. The famous Titanic ship that suffered a tragic wreck in the early 1900s had a French Bulldog on board.

 French Bulldogs Cannot Swim:Not only can they not mate and reproduce naturally, but French Bulldogs are also naturally bad at swimming, thanks to their brachycephalic heads, thick muscles, and overall weight. 

French Bulldogs Are Incredibly Famous:French Bulldogs are among the most popular and sought-after dogs in the United States and Europe. Notwithstanding the cost ($3,000-$8,000), they remain in very high demand, thanks to their undeniable cuteness.

French Bulldogs Do Not Breed Naturally: This is for no other reason than the slimness of their hips, which makes it virtually impossible for the males to mount the females and reproduce naturally. 

French Bulldogs Are Talkative And Sensitive:They are always trying to say something, and they utilize a variety of sounds, including yawns, gargles, and yaps, among others. 

French Bulldogs Are Not Originally From France:If you were to ask anyone where they thought French Bulldogs originally came from, they’d quite easily just say France, seeing as the name gives that away. 

French Bulldogs Can Be Heavy Shedders:Shedding is common to lots of dogs, animals, and even humans, and French Bulldogs are no different. Owing to the fact that many of them only have a single coat.

French Bulldogs Have Two Styles Of Ears:The breeders from England preferred the rose shape, while American breeders wanted the now-popular and unique bat ears.

French Bulldogs Sleep For 14-16 Hours:Besides being very chatty and extremely sensitive, French Bulldogs are also intense sleepers. They sleep for about 14-16 hours daily, which means they spend over 50% of the day sleeping. 

French Bulldogs Have Trouble Flying:We mentioned earlier that French Bulldogs cannot swim and would probably feel alone during beach vacations. Well, if you are getting to the beach by air, they probably wouldn’t be able to go with you. 

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