Top 10 Incredible Rabbit Facts

Rabbits Are Incapable of Vomiting: This is why it is not advisable to feed a rabbit indiscriminately. It’s better to pay close attention to what’s healthy for the rabbit. 

Mother Rabbits Practice Infanticide:Female rabbits are great nursing mothers who do everything they can to keep their young ones safe. However, there are times when they turn on their young kits.

Female Rabbits are Prone to Cancer:While it is true that rabbits can live for up to 12 years in captivity or as pets, there is a high possibility female rabbits may never live that long.

Rabbits Are Socialists:Rabbits are social animals that live together in groups called herds. Their group is like a society with rules, order, and hierarchy.

Rabbits Have Fascinating Breeding Characteristics:Rabbits can start reproducing as early as five to six months, and their gestation period is just a day over a month. 

Rabbits Eat their Feces:This characteristic is shared by all lagomorphs who produce two different kinds of droppings. First is the fecal pellets which are purely waste and are produced during the day. 

Rabbits Love Bananas More Than Carrots: Rabbits love bananas so much that they can eat lots of them. Unfortunately, the beloved banana is not the best thing to feed your rabbit. 

Rabbit Teeth Grow Continuously: Their teeth are always growing, and rabbits have to grind them by chewing all day long. This helps to keep their teeth in shape. 

Rabbits Can Be Kept As Pets:The rabbits that live in the wild have a shorter lifespan compared to the ones that are bred at home. 

Rabbits are Not Rodents:The rabbit belongs to the Lagomorpha order, which houses animals like the hare and the pika. As a lagomorph, the rabbit is a herbivorous (plant-eating) fast mammal. 

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