Top 10 Invasive Lizards 

Knight Anole: is native to Cuba, but like other lizard species have managed to become invasive in other areas. Florida’s climate is suitable for many animals.

Green Ameiva:can grow up to 20 inches long and are covered in black specks. Their color is why people enjoy these lizards as pets since males will have bright green coloring.

Curly-Tailed Lizard:is a species known for its curly tail, with around 29 different species existing. These lizards are originally from the Bahamas, Cuba, and the Cayman Islands.

Tropical House Gecko: are native to sub-Saharan Africa but are a common invasive species in the U.S, and other countries. This lizard is nocturnal and can be found in forests, tropical savannas.

 African Red-Head Agama:is originally from Africa like its name suggests. This bright species can now be found in Florida, as it’s a growing invasive species. 

Black And White Tegu:is the largest tegu species, and also makes a great pet for reptile lovers. These lizards are intelligent, able to be house trained, and can create a strong bond with a human.

Brown Anole: are extremely aggressive and eat the eggs of other lizard species. They negatively affect the local ecosystem where they are invasive. 

Green Iguana:are the largest species of iguana in the world, growing up to 5 feet long. This lizard is often kept as a pet but has an aggressive nature.

Nile Monitor Lizard : are one of the coolest looking lizards, but they often do not make great pets. Nile monitors (Varanus niloticus) have become an invasive species in areas like Florida.

Veiled Chameleon :are native to Yemen and Saudi Arabia but are found in other places as well. Due to them escaping or being released they have become an invasive species in Hawaii and Florida.

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