Top 10 lakes in delaware

Red Mill Pond: is a 192-acre (0.78 km2) body of water in Sussex County, Delaware. It is a popular destination for water enthusiasts who love boating, water sports, and scenic vistas.

Millsboro Pond:in Sussex County covers 134 acres (0.54 km2) of surface area. Make Millsboro Pond your holiday location and travel back in time as the Nanticoke Indians lived near Millsboro Pond.

Records Pond:Looking to go somewhere quiet to revitalize your energy? Records Pond is the place to be. Records Pond also known as Laurel Lake, is a shallow body of water with a 90-acre surface area. 

Shearness Pool:sits within the Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge, located on the east coast of Delaware. It’s a freshwater impound covering 203 acres (0.82 km2) .

Lums Pond: is a 198-acre (0.80 km2) freshwater pond in Delaware, making it the state’s second largest. The pond sits right in the heart of Lums Pond State Park. 

Hoopes Reservoir: is a beautiful water body in Newcastle County, covering 188 acres (0.76 km2) of surface area. In 1932, the reservoir was created by damming the Old Mill Stream and Red Clay Creek. 

Lake Como: covering only 53 acres, is famous for its swimming and other water activities, uncommon in Delaware lakes. Because swimming in the ocean can be scary a calm and clean lake is a good place.

Silver Lake:located in Dover, is one of a kind, and you may relax beside it to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Garrisons Lake: an 84-acre (0.33 km2) impoundment located 3 miles south of Smyrna in the state’s central region, is home to bass, crappie, sunfish, and perch.

Trap Pond:A charming state park and pond of the same name, once huge wetlands of 90 acres (0.36 km2), lie in the state’s southwest corner. 

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