Top 10 Lakes in Kansas

El Dorado Lake:is a reservoir on the Walnut River, 0.5 miles (0.80 km) northeast of El Dorado in Kansas’ Flint Hills region. Its primary purposes include flood control, leisure.

Milford Lake:Topping our list of the largest lakes in Kansas, with 15,700 acres (64 km2) surface area, is an artificial reservoir called Milford Lake. The lake serves many purposes.

Clinton Lake: is a reservoir on the southwestern edge of Lawrence, Kansas. This lake, making up 7,000 acres (28 km2) of surface area, is placed ninth on our list. 

John Redmond Reservoir: It shares a boundary with the Flint Hills National Wildlife Refuge to the northwest and ranks sixth with a surface area of 9,400 acres (38 km2).

Waconda Lake: is Kansas’ second-largest lake. It is 12,602 acres or 51 square kilometers in size, located in the state’s Mitchell and Osborne counties.

Tuttle Creek Lake: is a 50-square-kilometer or 12,355-acre lake in northeast Kansas, located 31 miles north of Manhattan. It is Kansas’s third-largest lake.

Cedar Bluff Reservoir: is a reservoir located in Trego County, Kansas. It has a surface area of 6,869 acres (27.80 km2), making it the 10th largest lake entirely within the state. 

Wilson Lake: is a reservoir on the border of Russell and Lincoln counties in Kansas, United States. It has a surface area of 9,045 acres (36.60 km2) which earned the number seven spot.

Cheney Reservoir: is a reservoir on the North Fork of the Ninnescah River in Reno, Kingman, and Sedgwick counties in Kansas in the United States.

 Perry Lake: is a reservoir in northeast Kansas, managed by the US Army Corps of Engineers. Flood management, water storage for nearby areas, and regional leisure are its principal objectives. 

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