Top 10 lakes in new jersey

Lake Tappan: is a reservoir created by the Tappan Dam on the Hackensack River, straddling the border between New Jersey and New York in the United States.

Lake Hopatcong:Summer dreams are made of Lake Hopatcong. With a surface size of 2,500 acres (10.16 km2), it is Garden State’s largest freshwater lake. This gleaming beauty entices swimmers, fishers.

Merrill Creek Reservoir:Merrill Creek Reservoir is a remote 650-acre (2.63 km²) lake excellent for fishing and boating, nestled in a 290-acre natural preserve.

Greenwood Lake:This interstate lake runs for just over seven miles, from West Milford, New Jersey, to Orange County, New York, with half of the lake in each state. Greenwood Lake is 1,920 acres.

Splitrock Reservoir: is a 625-acre reservoir surrounded by 1,500 acres of wilderness (part of Farny State Park) on the boundary of Rockaway Township and Kinnelon in Morris County, New Jersey.

Oradell Reservoir:Dam formed the Oradell Reservoir on the Hackensack River in Bergen County, New Jersey, the United States. The reservoir is mainly in the borough of Oradell.

Spruce Run Reservoir: built in the 1960s and currently one of the state’s largest, was one of the first reservoirs constructed in New Jersey. During the summer, a public swimming beach is open.

Manasquan Reservoir:The Manasquan Reservoir, covering 770 acres, serves as a drinking water supply and is a popular fishing and boating destination. With over a million locals and tourists each year.

Round Valley Reservoir: located in the Cushetunk Mountain valley, is recognized for its clear waters and good fishing. Round Valley Reservoir’s calm blue waters draw swimmers, boaters, fishers.

Union Lake: is one of the state’s largest lakes with 898 acres (3.63 km²) surface size, formed by damming the Maurice River. The lake is renowned for its excellent bass fishing. 

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