Top 10 Largest Antelopes

Common Eland:are found in the open savannahs of east and south Africa.  Females are a tan color, while males are a blueish-grey.  Common elands often have distinctive stripes and markings.

Nilgai: are found in India, Nepal, and Pakistan and prefer scrub forests and grasslands.  They are the largest antelope in Asia and reach 4ft 11in.  Nilgai can easily be distinguished by their sturdy

Waterbuck: are large antelopes that live across south and eastern Africa.  There are 13 recognized subspecies of waterbuck, but most are between 4 feet and 4ft 7in at the shoulder with males.

Hartebeest:They were originally widespread across North Africa and the Middle East, but their range and numbers have been much reduced, in part because of hunting. 

Giant Sable Antelope:are subspecies of sable antelopes and reach 4ft 8in at the shoulder.  They are critically endangered and are endemic to a region of Angola between the Cuango and Luando rivers.

Blue Wildebeest: They are widespread across Africa – including Angola, Botswana, Kenya, South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, and Zambia.  Blue wildebeest can reach 4ft 8in and are dark brown.

Roan Antelope:are widespread across Africa and are often confused with sable antelope.  With a shoulder height of 5ft 3in, roan antelopes are easily one of the largest antelopes on the list. 

Giant Eland: are found in open forests and savannahs in Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guinea, Mali, Senegal, and South Sudan. 

Common Tsessebe: are large, dark brown antelopes that have a noticeable hump at the base of their necks and 16 inch long horns.  Common tsessebes are social antelopes and herds usually consist.

Greater Kudu: are stunning antelopes that can reach 4ft 11in at the shoulder.  They have long legs and are usually either brown or reddish-brown with between 4 and 12 white stripes down their bodies 

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