Top 10 Largest Beetles

European stag beetle: perhaps the best known by far is the European stag beetle, both for its size and prominent pincer-like mandibles. Like most other sexually dimorphic species of beetles.

Actaeon beetle:is another massive type of rhinoceros beetle and is one of the heaviest insects in the world. While their larvae are typically much heavier at around 240 grams (nearly 8.5 ounces!).

Hercules beetle:is another aptly named insect. It is one of the largest flying insects and is the longest living species of beetle in the world! This powerful bug is actually a species of rhinoceros.

Titan beetle: is the world’s largest beetle as measured by body length. It towers over other insects within its natural habitat, often reaching an astonishing 6.5 inches long.

Wallace’s long-horn beetle :These unique beetles are native to New Guinea, Indonesia, and parts of Australia, and they can reach up to an astonishing 10.5 inches long. 

Giraffe stag beetle : is the world’s largest member of the stag beetle family, commonly measuring up to 12 centimeters, or 4.7 inches long. There are eight unique subspecies of Prospocoilus giraffa.

Goliath beetles:within the Goliathus genus and many more lesser-known subspecies. Like many others on this list, these beetles are also highly sexually dimorphic, meaning males and females .

Elephant beetle: is another member of the Dynastidae subfamily, which makes up a group of insects known as rhinoceros beetles. While over 1,500 unique species of rhinoceros beetles are known to exist

Caucasus beetle:are known for their uniquely curved, three-pronged horns which form a W-shape protruding from their cephalothorax. Males commonly use these horns to compete with each other for mates.

Atlas beetle: is on this list. Atlas beetles are yet another gigantic member of the Scarabaeidae family and are known for the males’ three long, curved horns. These horns, as you might imagine.

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