Top 10 Largest Crabs

Giant Mud Crab :) is also known as the Mangrove crab, black crab,serrated swimming crab, and the Indo-Pacific mud crab. The average carapace of this species is 9 inches but they can get.

Tasmanian Giant Crab: is one of the largest crabs in the world with a carapace width up to 18 inches and a mass of up to 39 pounds. This giant lives in muddy bottoms off in the Southern Australian.

Florida Stone Crab: is one of the most expensive species in the world and only their claws are eaten. Their carapace is 5 to 6.5 inches, but their claws are large and harvested for eating.

Blue Crab : are also called the Atlantic blue crab, and the Chesapeake blue crab. They are olive green and most know for their bright blue claws. This species can reach up to 9 inches .

Brown Crab : are also called edible crabs. Females are larger than males and can grow up to 6 inches but in the right habitat, they can reach 10 inches. They are found in the northeast Atlantic.

Opilio Crab: is a species of snow crab, also known as opies. They live in the northwest Atlantic Ocean and the North Pacific Ocean. Male crabs are larger than females for this species .

Coconut Crab : also called robber crabs are the largest terrestrial crabs. They can grow up to 3 ft 3 in and weigh 9 lbs. In areas with human populations, their presence has been extirpated.

Dungeness Crab : is found in the west coast oceans of North America. On average they reach around 7.9 inches but large ones may reach up to 9.8 inches. This crab is the most fished species.

Red King Crab: is also named Kamchatka crab and the Alaskan King Crab. The red king crab is the largest species of king crab with a caprice of 7 inches and a mass of 6 lbs. 

Japanese Spider Crab: is the largest crab in the world. Living near Japan, the Japanese spider crab (Macrocheira kaempferi) has the longest legs of any anthropod. From claw to claw their legs span .

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